Thanks for joining us this Fall.  We are off to a wonderful start.  Each week we have a devotion that we will share with the students and parents.  Check out our home page each week for an update.
This weeks devotional is all about kneeling before the Lord! To kneel or in Hebrew "Barauch" is another form of Praise according to the word of God! 
We took 5 minutes to try different types of kneeling in Reverance  before the Lord. Did you know the Great Prophets of the Bible chose to "Baruch" kneel and lay prostrate before God when they would pray? I love Learning some Hebrew because it educates us deeper in the meanings of Gods word! 
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
In Him,
Krista Gazy
Founder and Director of Chara Dance Project
"Let them Praise Him in the dance." Psalm 149:3

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