2018 Banquet Testimony

Chara Dance Project got to partner with YWAM Schools Of Dance Ministries and together, we were invited to the most wonderful opportunity this past Spring to dance at a*Banquet Gala outreach to Strippers! Our Dear friends have a ministry where they lead Strippers to Christ! We will not give names in these 2 testimonies to protect the girls. Also we will call them “Dancers” in these 2 testimonies! We feel honored and humbled to partner with this ministry. Our Adult Chara Dance Team ministered. There are never children at these events. If you were wondering:)If you have questions, do email us! Here is what the Lord Did that night!

1) There was a 20 year old girl that kept looking at me. Before the evening, I asked God if He would LEAD me! That the girls I’m supposed to talk to would be drawn to me and I would be drawn to them. This one girl was drawn to me. We made small talk throughout the evening. We got chatty and literally realized that she is from my small Hometown on the other side of the country! WE both were so astonished. I mean it’s a Tiny, tiny town in another state! I immediately heard from Yeshua, “Tell her I’m a good Dad” Tell her that her Heavenly Father is a good Dad! So I got the bravery to tell her. She started bawling. She stood up, she said “please stop it.” “Please come with me. Is there a bathroom?” She grabs my arm and we go to the side room where no-one is. She starts sharing her story. “That means so much to me. I left my home town to run from God and now He’s chasing me through you and the girls that came to the strip club and invited me here.” I gave her a mama hug and held her so tight as she just wept. I told her that this is a SAFE place. She goes on, “I needed to hear that God is a good dad, My dads hurt me, my step-dad and biological dad! He hurt me so much that I ran away! And now I’m here with you and I know this is God.” I kept getting words. I had a picture of her as a little girl giving her heart to Jesus at a VBS. She said that’s exactly where she gave her life to Jesus and it was real and she felt Him. I said, Hey your a dancer and I’m a dancer can I do a washing dance over you? I will pray a blessing over you from your dad’s. Because that’s not our Heavenly Father. our Heavenly Father is kind, and loving and protector and provider. She said YES. So I did a prayer and dance washing over her. Praying out loud as I washed her. She was Bawling at this point. I was bawling. we spent a good half hour just talking. This young woman and I exchanged numbers and are having lunch tomorrow! She thanked me and I thanked her for letting me pray for her. GO JESUS!!!! She re-dedicated her life to Jesus this year and quit the strip club! Now Dances for Jesus!

2) I felt lead to do a prophetic dance washing time and invited who ever wanted to come in the back room and join us. It was mostly the helpers. But one girl we were ministering to came back.
We began this fun exercise I learned from Bethel dance department. Its just basically praying while moving, A Rain washing in the spirit, a gentle hug of blessing, a foot washing in the spirit. The Sweet dancer fell to the ground, she was sobbing. I was trying to listen carefully as the spirit lead. The foot blessing was next but all I heard was “Hug her”. I hugged her as tightly as I could! I felt her pain at this point, it was extremely intense. I prayed over her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Another friend doing the exercise with me heard the SAME exact thing “Hug HER.” She came and joined me. Then My other friend began to dance over her. Another friend hugged her. She sobbed and Sobbed. I saw many things breaking off of her. I don’t know what happened in the last week at that point but Something happened that put her in this place. She finally after a long hug session cleaned her face and said, “I visited my biological mother this week and she pressured me into doing drugs with her!” I haven’t done drugs in 2 years since I met you all and gave my life to Jesus!” she goes on, “That woman is NOT my mother! You women are my Mother, Christ in me is my Mother, the Holy Spirit is my mother.” She got strength again and stood up and said WOW I really just needed a Hug from Jesus. Thank you for being Jesus to me. She was a different person the rest of the night. She shared her testimony on the microphone to the dancers, she ate with us. Shared a song she wrote and it touched the hearts of many!

The Prophetic art was beautiful! My Friend who lead it was giving words to people throughout the night with the art, It touched many! Life Giving words. Life Changing Words. Words and pictures of HOPE! Redemption and LOVE!

The Food was astonishing! Our Dearest friend has a gift of cooking and made the most lavished and fine-dining dishes. So many people came to help! IT was a wonderful outreach to be invited too!

Much Love,
Krista Gazy Founder and Elizabeth German CO-ARTISTIC Director

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