2018 Testimonies: God is so good!!

“Let Them Praise Him in the Dance.” Psalms 149:3

We wanted to Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, love and participation this year in Chara Dance Project. We have much to testify about for God’s Great Good-ness! Enjoy our Testimonies! Dance is being taught for Gods Glory!

We had about 300 guests attend our Spring 2018 Concert! The Wonderful Youth With A Mission School of Dance Ministries also partnered with us! They took time to travel to us and teach classes to our Adult students and even help in preparation and performed with us! This was a HUGE blessing especially because Krista Gazy and Emily Huffman danced with YWAM for many years! It was very close to our hearts to partner with these Dancing Missionaries. Our dances shared the gospel but also were full of Worship to the Lord. As our Focus every year is simply “Jesus” 🙂 At the End we were so HONORED to have Pastor Michael Howard of Christian City Church share a word and invite guests to come up for prayer. We had a ton of people receive prayer and encouragement. Prodical’s testified to coming back to their heavenly Father and recommitting their hearts to God. We had reported that Pastor Michael’s back was healed. And We took time to pray over restoration to marriages of those who asked. God was moving among us and we were greatly thankful to partner with our Lord!

“When I took Miss Krista’s Class all my fears and anxieties left.”-age 8 Modern 2

“My daughter is only 3 and she told me that after Miss Elizabeth’s class all she wanted to do was dance for Jesus, She truly understands worshipping God and she’s only 3!” -Pre-ballet class

“Miss Krista “I’ve had 2 knee Surgery’s and have not moved like this in 2 years, your dance class has brought me back to life spiritually and physically” -age 50 Adult Modern class

“Powerful night of dance and Worship. Holy Moly. Like I am forever Changed by what I just experienced with God. that was Beautiful. I felt so much of God’s spirit! Everything. It was truly healing to my heart!” -age 21 Adult Modern

“Dance class helps me sleep at night, because I feel God’s peace.” -age 10 Modern 3

“My daughter’s shyness went away after a semester in Miss Elizabeth’s Ballet class, it’s like she just came out of her shell and her confidence was built! ” -age 8 Ballet 2

The Testimonies keep coming! We are so grateful for the opportunity to teach Dance but also share the gospel through Gods truth in his word: which will build confidence, bring healing, hope, faith and Love. Thank-you for taking the time to read our Testimonies!

Much Love, 
Krista Gazy 
Founder of Chara Dance Project 
and the Team 
Elizabeth Germann-Instructor and Co-artistic director 
Emily Huffmann- Instructor and Administration 
Dar Merwin-Dance mama and Intercessor

“This is God’s Great Dance Floor” -Chris Tomlin

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