Concert Photos and Videos

We had so much fun at the concert and are so very proud of everyone that participated and thankful to everyone that helped. It was such a blessing and such a blessed time. I wanted to share the links here to both the concert photos and concert videos in case you are not on facebook. Let me know if you have any trouble getting to the links.

Also, we are super excited for our M.A.D. love camp this summer. We had to go ahead and close registration though because we got so full. We hope next year to be able to add another group of kids if you weren’t able to get in this year. We hope everyone has a fantastic summer and we will post fall classes by July 1st. Blessings to you all!!!!

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Chara Dance Team

Spring Worship Concert

We are so excited to be at this amazing time in the season!! Chara Dance Project is all geared up and ready to share both our hard work and our hearts with you all on April 12th at Christian City Church at 6pm. Come celebrate another amazing year of dance and growth with God. It will be a time to worship and celebrate.

We are in Full Swing

What a delight this session has been.  We are so enjoying sharing our love of dance and love of God with this crew of kids.  It has brought great joy to our hearts to see them light up in their spirits while they dance for Jesus.  They are gaining great skills and sharing them with their friends and siblings.  They get so excited to tell us.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  My heart jumps when I see them truly experiencing the love of the Father and the joy of His presence.  And we love getting to see them put skills together and be proud of accomplishments they are making.  In my preballet class, a huge skill they all master over time is skipping.  Watching their little brains process this skill is about as fun as them reading their first words.  And when they hear from God and get to share it, you know Heaven is rejoicing.  Enjoy these few pictures.  We are also super thankful for our dance space.  It has blessed us so much!!

Big News

We wanted to get the info out about our Spring Concert this year so you can let friends and family know.  We are being blessed this year to use Christian City Church for the Concert.  It will be on April 12th from 6pm-7pm with desserts to follow.  Come ready for a night of great worship, fellowship, and an opportunity for the Chara Dance Project dancers to share their hearts through the art of dance.


Gearing up for an Amazing Winter/Spring Session

We are so excited to be starting a dance season up again. We hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating our Savior and the ushering in of a New Year!!  We pray this New Year is filled with great JOY and HOPE as we set our eyes on Jesus.  This season we are excited to be able to offer new classes to allow for more dancers to join in the fun.  Adults and Kids alike will get the chance to learn about using flags in worship as well as continue to gain and fine tune skills to enjoy both ministering to others and worshiping God through the art of dance.  Feel free to come and try a class on us if you have never danced or just wanting to try things out.  If you have not had the chance to sign up yet, please do so, as some classes are filling up quickly.  Just click on the registration page or the box on the right side of each page.  We look forward to 10 great weeks of dancing and another great concert where we get to share our hearts through movement.  Please leave us a note under the contact us page or visit us on our Facebook page if you have any questions.  Excited to see you all soon.  God Bless you!!!!

Let the Children Come

I am learning so much about the power of God in these amazing children. They have such a trust in God that astounds me. We danced over one of the students today as a prayer and an opportunity to hear from God something He wanted to share with her. After we were done dancing and praying, each dancer was sooooo excited to share their words or pictures. The dancer said that everything that was shared was true. She was in awe and was so encouraged. It was amazing. These children are hearing from God in powerful ways. Lives are being changed and encouraged and these dancers are gaining courage to make a difference in the world for God.

Here are a couple of pictures from class the last couple of weeks. Thank you for sharing your children with us!!!

Testimonies From Our 2016 Season

During our first week of classes, about 25 women came to adult ballet. One woman said, “I felt
awakened after 15 years! God came alive in me again as I moved.” Another woman was in tears
because she is a former dancer who suffers with arthritis in her feet and hands at the young age of 30.
A doctor told her she would never dance again. She testified that for the first time in 6 years she
danced “PAIN FREE”!!! I believe the Lord is doing something greater than I could ever hope for or
imagine. Ephesians 3:20 The students are having real revelations of God’s LOVE!

“Oh, Miss Krista. I just want to
dance for Jesus and no one else!”
said Olivia, age 4, as she leapt
around the room.

“When I dance for God, I
feel him smiling at me.”
Haylee, age 6

“When I dance with God, I can
think clearer and I hear him
speak to me.”

“My friend invited me to class and because of
how much everyone showed me love here, now
all I want is Jesus.” She was a former stripper,
quit that night and gave her life to Jesus.

“Miss Krista, I tried to take my life last night
with pills but it didn’t work. I came to your
class because I was bored. I had no idea
what I was coming to!” I embraced her and
replied, “This night was for you and it is not
by accident you came here!” She then
asked to receive Jesus!

Our yearly concert was a blast with 200 people in attendance! It was filled with sharing the gospel
through dances along with music, live worship, artists and a photography gallery! It was so much fun! We
were honored to have guest speaker, Duncan Hill, speak of his mission on Uganda Orphan’s Fund. Ten
percent of our company proceeds are sent to this amazing ministry that rescues children from destitution.
Check out for more information. The evening closed with God showing up and ten
people miraculously healed from arthritis, eye damage, back pain and more!

I am beyond grateful for your prayers. God literally has done above and beyond what I could ever
HOPE or IMAGINE!!! Praise the Lord for three salvations this year! People are getting saved, delivered,
healed and discipled! This is the reason for this ministry! It’s about Jesus and God’s love for people!
Thank you for listening, praying and supporting this ministry! The One who has called us is Faithful!

Much Love,

Krista Gazy, Founder of Chara Christian Dance

Chara Dance Project Testimonies and Blog

Welcome to Chara Dance Project's Testimony and Blog page.  Here we plan to post about the amazing things God is doing in and through the people that Chara gets to come in contact with.  God is up to big things and the world needs to hear about it.  So be watching for the ways God is touching lives through dance.