Dreams, Visions and Prophesies for Chara Dance



We want to keep track of what God is doing in Chara and where He is taking us!!!  God's Kingdom is advancing and we get to partner with Him.  Let's keep a report of His goodness so we can share it with the world!!!!

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I was trying to get to a destination and I was swimming through an ocean full of an industrialized city.  There were many obstacles.  I had a child with me and eventual had another woman with me.  As we were going along, a quarter dropped out of my pocket.  I looked down at it and at first thought I should go and get it.  Then the thought crossed my mind that it wasn't worth it.  We still were able to head towards our destination.  It felt like God was saying that the shiny quarter represented the money we might loose if we hold off on purchasing land and that it wasn't worth trying to retrieve and that we would still reach our destination of building a building for Chara.  The quarter was miniscual in relation to what God is going to do.

Dancing in the River

I had a vision when I was about 19 year old of dancing through a river leading a group of girls.  They were all dressed in white.  This dream has inspired me to pursue leading children in dance with the Father