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Dear Chara Parents,

We wanted to clear up any confusion about Spring Break! We apologize if theres been confusion! We DO have classes next week, then spring break is March 18-22! Our Spring Break will always line up with the Bozeman, Belgrade, Manhattan and Churchill public schools! I have attached our March Calendar below. Our Calendar is also found on our Website at in the events section!
Courtesy Request:
As you all know we are blessed with using the Sanctuary at Christian City Church for all Modern Classes!
I have a request as we don’t have much more time to practice for our Big Annual Concert!
While Classes are in Session Please:
1. Keep your children (that are not in classes) from going on C3’s Stage and from running around! It’s distracting for the students who are trying to Learn:)
2. If you choose to watch please refrain from talking or interrupting the teacher. The Noise carries and is distracting for both teachers and the Students.
3. Respect the Space. If you bring food please pick up trash from your food and dispose of it.
Thanks for Understanding!! We want all Chara Families to be able to enjoy watching classes, but we need it to be quiet in the sanctuary while classes are in Session!
If you want kids to play there is a nursery on first floor and play room on second floor that we are blessed to use. There is the hallway and upstairs rooms to for chatting as well!
Thank-you So much for all your support and energy in bringing your lovely children to classes each week! We have enjoyed teaching and training your littles!
In Him,
Krista Gazy Founder and Director of Chara Dance Project

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