We are in Full Swing

What a delight this session has been.  We are so enjoying sharing our love of dance and love of God with this crew of kids.  It has brought great joy to our hearts to see them light up in their spirits while they dance for Jesus.  They are gaining great skills and sharing them with their friends and siblings.  They get so excited to tell us.  Thank you for sharing your children with us.  My heart jumps when I see them truly experiencing the love of the Father and the joy of His presence.  And we love getting to see them put skills together and be proud of accomplishments they are making.  In my preballet class, a huge skill they all master over time is skipping.  Watching their little brains process this skill is about as fun as them reading their first words.  And when they hear from God and get to share it, you know Heaven is rejoicing.  Enjoy these few pictures.  We are also super thankful for our dance space.  It has blessed us so much!!

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