Week 8 Devotional

Dear Chara Parents,

Here is Devotional Week #8 Enjoy watching our Adult Modern Class and Daisy share our devotional this week! 

I can’t believe it’s almost time for our Annual Concert! 
A Couple things:
1. This Concert is a celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus! Our Dances are created to Celebrate and Worship our King of Kings! This is why we’ve had it the week of Easter! My prayer is that we can all come together and worship the Lord together through the songs and dances!! And May you have Great JOY as your wonderful children share what they have learned this year! Thank-you for having your children participate! May this be a great Memory and great beginning to your Easter Weekend!
2. Reminder Concert Dress Rehearsal is:
Tuesday, April 16th at 5:30pm at Christian City Church 
Concert Date: Thursday, April 18th, Drop off upstairs at Christian City Church at 5:30pm and concert begins at 6pm! 
3. Reminder: We will be fund raising for Chara Dance Project so we can do more dance performances and gospel outreaches in the valley. Please wrap your desserts individually so we can have them for purchase the evening of our Annual Concert! 
Thank-you for all your hard work, dedication, support and Love!
Krista Gazy
Founder and Director of Chara Dance Project
“Let them Praise Him in the dance.” Psalm 149:3

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