Thanks for joining us this Fall.  We are off to a wonderful start.  Each week we have a devotion that we will share with the students and parents.  Check out our home page each week for an update.
Here is Last weeks devotional!!!
Devotional #6: Another way of Praise is:)
Zamar- To Sing Songs of Praise with Instruments: Your children enjoyed dancing with our fun Tambourines at the end of Class:)  
Psalms 150:4 "Praise Him with Stringed Instruments!"
and our Favorite Theme verse is:
Psalms 149:3&4
"Let them Praise His name with Dancing, and Accompanied by stringed instruments!" 

This weeks Devotional #7 Our 7th way of Praise according to Gods word is:)
Halah or Hallelujah - Means to Rave upon the Lord, and to come into worshipping him, to Leap and Skip for God! Our sweet students will practice at the end of class, free dance incorporating skipping and leaping and worshipping God! 
Shout "Hallejuah!" Because Gods so good, sing Anthems to his beautiful name..Psalms 135:1-4

An Audience of One