Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions

Is Chara like other dance companies?

Chara Dance Project's intent is to provide skilled dance classes in a non competitive environment where we not only learn the skills of dance with excellence, but learn how to worship God and enjoy being in His presence.

Why don't you teach classes all school year

We highly value students learning and maintaining skills, but we also value time with families, especially during the holidays.  Also, May is a very busy time of year and we want a dance concert to be an enjoyable experience for everyone and not a stressful event.  Therefore, we have chosen to do our concerts in April to allow for this opportunity.  We will continue to offer a shorter session of classes in the fall and a longer session in the spring with a concert, as well as a summer dance camp.

 Dress Code

“Reach up high and touch your toes.  If anything shows go change your clothes”

Modern and Hip Hop Classes -

  • Leotards or long tucked in tank top ARE REQUIRED with a t-shirt over them for the purpose of bellies not showing.
  • Leggings, flowy pants, shorts or sweats are to be worn over the leotard. Please, no jeans.
  • Socks, Sneakers, or bare feet are allowed.  
  • All hair must be pulled back and out of face

Ballet and Tap Classes -

  • Leotards ARE REQUIRED in all kids classes
  • Ballet 2 and up please wear a Fitted T-shirt over the leotard  
  • Leggings or dance pants worn over leotards or Tights worn underneath leotards with ballet skirt
  • Ballet shoes are required for Ballet 1 and 2
  • All hair must be worn up and out of face


**Dance shoes can be purchased online for a convenient price at or Target here in Bozeman or Amazon.  Thrift stores are wonderful too!

Why are T-Shirts required over leotards and tank tops?

We are a Christian dance ministry.  As we approach being different than dance in the world, we want to teach at a young age that modesty is valuable.  Leotards are skin tight and often see through.